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Fill the tax registration form (Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung) online and get your tax number
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Register as a freelancer and get your tax number

Fill the tax registration form (Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung) online, guided, and in English. Once you are ready, we will take care of submitting it directly to the Finanzamt through the official ELSTER interface.

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Need additional help to fill out your registration form? Your personal tax consultant on Sorted can help your to fill the form, only if you need it, so that you can get started the right way.

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Our Free plan includes registering as a freelancer and creating invoices on Sorted, so that you don't have to pay anything before you started earning money.

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Apply for a tax number

Your first step is to apply for your tax number so that you can invoice your customers correctly. Once you have submitted the registration form, it usually takes 3-6 weeks for the Finanzamt to send your new tax number via post.


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Create beautiful, branded and 100% legally correct invoices for free.

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Sorted will guide you through adding your income and expenses and automatically prepare all your tax reports as a freelancer.


Becoming a freelancer with Sorted

How much does it cost to register with the Finanzamt as a freelancer?

Both preparing and submitting the form is free of charge.

How long does it take to receive my tax number?

After submitting the form you will receive your tax number from the Finanzamt via post. It usually takes 3-6 weeks to arrive.

I have to apply for a VAT ID. Can I do this with Sorted?

Sure, when filling the tax registration form, you can select whether you want to apply for a VAT ID.

I would like to register a sole-trader. Can I do it with Sorted?

Sure, when filling the tax registration form, you will be able to enter your expected profit from selling goods. In addition to registering as a self-employed, you would also need to obtain a business license (Gewerbeschein) from you local trade office (Gewerbeamt).

Can I get my tax registration form reviewed by a certified tax consultant?

Absolutely, just fill in the form as best as you can and request a review from your dedicated tax firm on Sorted.

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